Paul Clouvel


Paul Clouvel

Paul Clouvel is a music composer, electroacoustic music performer, concert organizer and music management consultant. His areas of expertise are mixed instrumental music, application music for installations, for video or for live performances. The major part of his production consists of electroacoustic pieces and mixed pieces for instruments and electroacoustics.

Paul has also developed an intensive practice as an interpreter and performer in electroacoustic music, and frequently plays the works of other composers in spatialized concerts. His works are performed in numerous festivals and concerts around the world.

Paul Clouvel began music at a very young age, then turned to electroacoustic composition as a teenager. He attended Roger Cochini’s composition classes at the Bourges Conservatory of Music, from which he graduated three times (sound arts, composition, electroacoustic composition).

He also studied orchestral conducting at the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris, harmony at CIMP Paris, musicology at Paris IV-Sorbonne university, electroacoustic composition at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Lyon (CNSMD), computer music the IRCAM summer academy in Paris, as well as Music technology production at Berklee College of Music Boston.

Paul Clouvel is very active in the sharing of music, he created Elektramusic (music label and concert season in contemporary music), and Musiques Éclatées (classic, contemporary and jazz mini-festival).

Paul is very involved in the management of music. He graduated from University in cultural management, and certified in music business at Berklee College of Music. He also teaches music management in university and music conservatory and develops an important consulting activity for festivals and ensembles in Europe.

Awards and training

Luigi Russolo international composition competition prize
SACEM prize for conservatory laureates in composition
PRS Performing rights society bursary award
SACEM bursary for composer (3 times)
City  of Geneva – composer in residency and music bursary

– Composition, electroacoustic music, computer music : Bourges Music Conservatory, Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Lyon, IRCAM (main teachers : Roger Cochini, Marco Stroppa, Sir Georges Benjamin)
– Harmony & Counterpoint : International music conservatory in Paris (teacher : Françoise Levéchin-Gangloff)
– Orchestra conducting : Ecole Normale de Musique Paris (main teacher : Dominique Rouits)
– Saxophone : differents places (main teachers : Jean Callendret, Philippe Lecocq)
– Sound art and production : Bourges music conservatory, Berklee College of music Boston
– Music business : Berklee College of music Boston, Université de Haute Alsace
– Musicology : Paris IV Sorbonne university


“A culture of sound! Paul Clouvel sculpts sound material by dissolving aesthetic categories” – J.Isselé/DNA newspaper

“Paul Clouvel’s musical pieces, very lively and sometimes humorous, are full of references and winks, and are highlighted by a very precise and concise musical writing.” – D.Rambic/DNA newspaper

“His work is unlike any other, too intuitive for that. Paul Clouvel perfectly embodies the free figure of today’s musician.” – J.Isselé/DNA newspaper